Working in the UK

There are 3 main contracts types which are suitable for candidates who are relocating to the UK, all of which have their own advantages, but what is best for you is often down to your own personal circumstances. Your Academics consultant will work closely with you to establish the best options based on your preferences.

The main differences between the contract types are;

Permanent Contract

  • Employed directly by the school
  • Same terms and conditions as permanent UK teachers
  • Typical notice period of 7 weeks or more
  • Monthly salary
  • No ability to offset expenses in order to increase take home pay

Long Term Contract

  • Typically 12 months with an option to extend or become permanent
  • Notice period of a minimum of 4 weeks
  • Paid weekly
  • Ability to offset expenses and significantly increase you take home pay

Guaranteed Pay Scheme – Multiple Schools

  • Offered for up to 12 months with an option to extend
  • Multiple short term assignments in different schools
  • Greater flexibility on work patterns
  • Paid for a minimum of 3 ½ days per week (during term time)
  • Paid weekly, with a notice period of 4 weeks
  • Ability to offset expenses and significantly increase your take home pay

Tax Efficient Payroll Solution

When you work on contract in the UK through Academics, you will be able to claim work related expenses, and offset these against your gross weekly pay, therefore enhancing your take home pay considerably.

For candidates who have relocated to the UK, these expenses include, but are not limited to:

  • The cost of accommodation and utility bills
  • Travel back home to visit family and friends
  • Food and subsistence costs whilst working
  • Professional work related subscriptions
  • Travel to and from assignments

If you are eligible to claim expenses as a non UK national, it could work out that by offsetting these expenses, you could receive up to 45% of the cost back through tax relief in your salary.

Applicant Testimonials

Denise - Primary School Teacher
Thank you Academics so very much for all your help - you have helped me so much, I really appreciate everything you have done....
Kerri - Primary School Teacher
I arrived in London yesterday and it’s only been a day but so far I’m loving the area I’m in.  I’m really impressed with how efficient and fabulous Academics have been and I thank you both for ...
Rebecca - Mathematics Teacher
I have just finished my two year contract at VISS and I wanted to thank you greatly for helping me obtain such a wonderful position.  You were instrumental in helping me navigate the employment ...
Elise - Science Teacher
I have had the pleasure of working with both the Australian office and the UK office of Academics Ltd.  All staff members have been friendly, courteous, helpful and quick to respond. I have ...
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