Getting to the UK - Before You Travel

Records and Personal Papers

In addition to your passport and visa, you will need other documentation to establish your identity, applying for licences, paying taxes and working. It is advisable to have the original and multiple certified copies with you and keep them close to hand rather than having them shipped. Documents it is advisable to have to hand are:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Driving Licence
  • Passport Sized Photographs
  • Medical Insurance Cover
  • Travel Insurance Cover
  • Dental/Medical Records
  • Property and Motor Vehicle Insurance Records
  • Bank Account Information
  • Qualification Records
  • Criminal Clearance Documents


As you are probably travelling a long distance, you will probably want to keep your baggage to a minimum. Most rented accommodation in the UK is furnished except for towels and bedclothes but these can be bought cheaply in the UK.  A good coat is essential for the British winter and smart, professional clothes will be required for interviews and for working in schools. If you have a mobile phone, check if it has international roaming and can be used in the UK and Europe. This could however be costly, which is why we can provide a UK Pay As You Go mobile phone with £10 credit.  Alternatively, we can provide a PAYG SIM card for your existing phone.

Driving Licence

An international driving licence is necessary if you are intending on driving a car and these are obtained from most AA branches around the world. Visit for more information on licences and transfers.  International Driving Licences are not accepted by a large number of car rental companies in the UK so beware.  It is recommended by the DVLA that you apply for a UK licence after 12 months in the UK.

Arrival in the UK

Try to have a plan for what you will do on arrival in the UK. If you are arriving into a London Airport they are generally serviced by the Tube so ensure you have a map ( and the address of where you are staying to hand. 
We can also arrange pickup from the airport, and provide you with transport to your accommodation (which can also be arranged by Academics for the first 2 nights)

Applicant Testimonials

Denise - Primary School Teacher
Thank you Academics so very much for all your help - you have helped me so much, I really appreciate everything you have done....
Kerri - Primary School Teacher
I arrived in London yesterday and it’s only been a day but so far I’m loving the area I’m in.  I’m really impressed with how efficient and fabulous Academics have been and I thank you both for ...
Rebecca - Mathematics Teacher
I have just finished my two year contract at VISS and I wanted to thank you greatly for helping me obtain such a wonderful position.  You were instrumental in helping me navigate the employment ...
Elise - Science Teacher
I have had the pleasure of working with both the Australian office and the UK office of Academics Ltd.  All staff members have been friendly, courteous, helpful and quick to respond. I have ...
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